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Elite Physical Therapy Services

Elite Physical Therapy and Performance was founded in 2023 by Michael Fowler, PT, DPT. Michael had a dream to open a physical therapy clinic to provide the best possible care to his patients and the best work environment for his employees. Michael saw the direction that the profession of physical therapy was going with overbooking patients, employee burnout, and overall poor quality of care for patients.

Working in this environment is what drove Michael to develop his vision to create something better for his patients, employees, and the community in its entirety. Elite Physical Therapy and Performance pride itself on ONE-ON-ONE patient-centered care. This means that the patient will work with the same physical therapist for the complete duration of their session, as well as the same physical therapist each visit. Patients will not bounce back and forth to other therapists or have to share an appointment time with other patients, as many patients have experienced in the past with other therapy clinics. This model improves the quality of care and generates better and faster outcomes for each patient.

One-On-On Patient Centered Care
At Elite Physical Therapy

Michael also created Elite Physical Therapy and Performance with an interdisciplinary approach, with the patient’s best interest at the center. You will notice other healthcare professionals also working under the same roof, such as massage therapists and athletic trainers. All physical therapists will work to develop personal relationships with the patient’s doctor, chiropractor, athletic trainer, massage therapist, coach, and any other member of the healthcare team. This allows better communication for increased quality of care and to avoid unnecessary treatments, missed diagnoses, further injury, and much more.

Promoting Healing and Rehabilitation

One of the primary benefits of physical therapy services is its ability to promote healing and rehabilitation following an injury or surgical procedure. By applying a combination of targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and modalities like ultrasound and electrical stimulation, physical therapists help facilitate tissue repair, strengthening of muscles, and restoration of range of motion. Through tailored rehabilitation programs, physical therapy services accelerate the healing process, enabling individuals to regain optimal functionality.

Elite Physical Therapy services offer a holistic approach to pain management. Skilled physical therapists employ various techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, and therapeutic exercises to alleviate pain and improve mobility. By addressing the root cause of the pain and implementing customized treatment plans, physical therapy effectively reduces the reliance on pain medications and provides long-term relief.

Prevents the Need for Surgery

In many cases, physical therapy can prevent or significantly delay the need for invasive surgical procedures. Through comprehensive evaluations, physical therapists develop personalized treatment plans to strengthen muscles, improve joint stability, and alleviate pain. By focusing on strengthening and restoring function, physical therapy can provide an effective alternative to surgery for conditions such as degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and rotator cuff tears.

Restores Functionality and Independence

One of the core goals of physical therapy services is to restore an individual’s functionality and independence in their daily life. Whether rehabilitating after a stroke, addressing balance issues, or managing chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, physical therapy plays a pivotal role in improving strength, coordination, and mobility. By tailoring exercises and treatment plans to specific needs, physical therapists help individuals regain lost abilities, enabling them to perform everyday tasks with confidence and independence.